Message from Chairman

1944年、大熊製作所は東京の小さな町工場として創業しました。皆様のご支援とご指導を受けながら、2003年に中国拠点、2010年にタイ拠点をそれぞれ立ち上げて参りました。そして、本年6月にインドネシア拠点(通称、OII)が操業開始となります。 OIIの準備と立ち上げに多大なご支援とご協力をいただきました皆様には、深く御礼申し上げます。今後、OIIは板金プレス品のサプライヤーとしてトラック、バスや建機メーカーの皆様の各種ご要望にお応えして参りたいと思います Established in 1944 at Tokyo, Ohkuma Ind. Co., Ltd. has been expanded business to China in July 2004 and Thailand in November 2011. And the latest is PT Ohkuma Industries Indonesia (OII)  started operation in June 2014. All of your kindly supports and trust will be high appreciated. I am also want to say thank you very much to all persons whose make preparation of OII until we can start the operation. As the other Ohkuma Group, OII also will produce sheet metal parts for trucks, buses, excavators and others. Thank you very much.

History of Ohkuma

Nov 1 1944

Opening of Business at Nippori, Tokyo

May 1950

Incorporation as Ohkuma Ind. Co.,Ltd.

Feb 1962

Starting Business With Nissan Diesel Motor

Jul 1969

Build Factory at Kawaguchi City, Saitama

Aug 1990

Takashi Ohkuma Appointed as President

Mar 1995

Starting Business with Komatsu Zenoah

Aug 1995

Starting Business with Tokyu Car Corp.

Apr 1999

Starting Business with Kato Works

Jul 2004

Established China Factory

Jan 2005

Starting Business with Hitachi Con. & Machinery

Dec 2007

Starting Business with Hino Motors

Jun 2010

Established Tochigi Factory

Nov 2011

Established Tochigi Factory

May 2012

Established China Second Factory

Jul 2012

Establishment Indonesia Factory (Starting operation in Jun 2014)

Company Profile

pabrik ohkuma

Established : July 2012

Start of production : June 2014

Area : Building 3,000 m²/Land 10,000 m²

Employee : Around 50 (2016)

Investment : USD 7.2 M (100% owned by Ohkuma Industries Co. Ltd.)

Sales/year : USD 2M (forecast for 1st year)

Main products : Sheet metal parts (Brackets Automotive Parts, Non Automotive, Stainless Steel and others)

First customer : PT Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia

Vision and Mission


  1. Satisfaction and trust from customers.
  2. Growth and happiness of all employees.
  3. Contribution and harmony with surrounding society.
  4. Profit to company and continuous development


  1. Receive order from 1 piece (small quantity) to thousands (large quantity).
  2. Establish suitable QMS to ensure quality of all products.
  3. Able to make sheet metal products in short lead time even have been refused by others.
  4. Challenge to make “Show Room Factory” by implement daily 5S activities of all members.
  5. Skill-up all employees and get support from Ohkuma Group/ subcontractor to achieve SQDC target.