PT Ohkuma Industries Indonesia have 3 unit Laser Cutting Machine Mitsubishi brand that able processed raw material with maximum thickness 12 mm, and maximum dimension 1515 x 3030 mm
Black Plate : SS400, SPHC, etc
White Plate : SPHC PO, SPCC, etc
SUS with maximum thickness 12 mm



1 unit Twister Plasma Cutting Machine Komatsu brand that able processed raw material with fine cutting until thickness 25 mm and maximum dimension 2500 x 12000 mm






Why Choose Plasma?

1. Compared to laser cutting, the twister achieves superior productivity and cost advantages when cutting mid-thickness steel plate
2. Clean Cutting Edge
3. Able to cut up to t= 25 mm
4. Easy operate and able to reduce process time
5. Increase cutting speed
6. Piercing time shortened with  quick pierce
7. CAD data drawn into two or more parts
8. Cutting stabilization using AVC function


1 Unit Band Saw Machine able to cutting pipe, H beam, etc