1. Ohkuma Co., Ltd.

Established in 1944 in Tokyo.
And moved to Saitama in 1962.
Built 2nd factory in Tochigi in 2010
80% of products are bracket for truck and bus.
20% for heavy equipment




2. Suzhuo Daxiong Auto Fitting (SZO) Co., Ltd

Established in July 2004 Built 2nd Factory in May 2012 Customer : Volvo Truck, Kato, Sakai





3. Ohkuma Industries Thailand (OTH) Co., Ltd.

Established in November 2011
Customer : Volvo truck, Sakai, Kato, Etc





4. PT Ohkuma Industries Indonesia (OII)

Start Production In June 2014
Customer : HMMI, Isuzu, PKMI, Miura, Kawata





5. OTP Ohkuma

Etablished June 2015 at Tochigi
Scope : Painting Factory